SQLite for WinRT

Developing applications for Windows Phone was made easy because of the SQL Server CE database build in the operating system. The SQL Server CE database operated with relational single file databases, build runtime inside the application isolated storage. SQL Server CE is not build into Windows...

VS Lightswitch to Oracle

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Lightswitch release 2 with HTML5 client offers a cross browser solution for any business oriented web-application. With the ability to build fast and flexible solutions for both desktop and tablet PCs. In one of the current projects I wanted to create a Lightswitch...

Coin Grabber

Windows phone market is target I wanted to reach in past several years. As usually it was initially closed for all foreign companies. Several months ago they allowed Bulgaria to sell products there. Everything has a start! This time I made really small game... It's not a real game... It's just to...
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