Medical Band Alert

MedicalBandAlert is intuitive, visual, easy to setup and use prescribed-medication reminder. With just a few simple steps, you can add a medications and get reminders on your phone and on your Microsoft Band.

Whether you are taking one medicine or many, you know how difficult it can be to take the correct dose at the correct time in right way – MedicalBandAlert will remind you when to take your medication.

Free features:

  • Visual and super easy to handle medication list
  • Cloud backup and restore for medication list
  • On Phone notifications – Toast notifications
  • Connect to Microsoft Band – Application tile with counter and notifications
  • Recorded time of the last take for each medication
  • Fixed and flexible prescription schedules
  • Multiple schedule schemas (from each hour to annual)

Link to Store

One thought on “Medical Band Alert

  1. love your band app but it can’t find my band nor my band 2. Happy to send you $50.00 u.s. To fix this can send via PayPal. This would help me out a great deal!

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