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It’s a nice way to start the new 2013.


This product is designed to help you with searching and sorting photos, illustrations and vector images. You will appreciate the seamless integration and convenience of searching images with this application. It’s easy to find the right images and store them in a project for later review. You have the ability to e-mail a list with download links to all the participants in the research or to store the project in a Cloud server and share the project number with them.


  • Search photos, illustrations, vector images and media in
  • Group chosen images in projects for reviewing them later.
  • Rate the best choice in your projects.
  • E-mail a list with download links to all the participants in the research.
  • Store your projects in a Cloud server (after purchase) and share the Cloud server project # with co-workers.
  • Download Projects created by co-workers from the Cloud server


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