APIS Projects

With smile on my face I remember the time we work on those projects.APIS

At this point the government used outdated computers and the private sector was equipped with the cutting edge of technology.

This is why we have to develop each application and it’s modules to work on Windows 1.1, Windows 98 and the newest Windows XP. We tryed to develop for Linux with Kilyx but there was no clients for this product versions.

Developing COM based applications with Delphi (1 and 7) and InterBase for database was the majority of the work time, but we needed more to extend the power of our products.

Bringing the products to web-based internet versions required from us to learn HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, DCOM and more. Learning how to handel database sources encoded in UNICODE, UTF, ANSI or ASCII was part of bringing all products into relation Database core.

Team Work and enginering required from us to use advanced modeling langauges (UML).

Some of the modules I work on are:

APIS WEB database generator

For combining product data from different sources into a relational database.
The key in this task was to convert the text encoding and to discover when the text is organised in tabes or columns. In this case to convert it into HTML table and apply table rows, columns and headers correctly.
The task included some important sub tasks:

  • recognise duplicated records comming from different sources and merge them.
  • find documents with similar content (but not equal) and link them.
  • convert schemas into HTML drawings
  • extract terms for the search engine
  • generate search engine indexes

APIS extend

ISAPI based server for executing asynchronous requests.

  • 2000 simultaneous connections.
  • Dinamically attached libraries for different functionalities
  • Request format in XML
  • Dinamically assigned XSLT conversions before delivering the request to the library.
  • Dinamically assigned XSLT conversions before delivering the resonce.
  • Working on Windows or Linux
  • Woring with InterBase, MS SQL or APIS text file based data.
  • Secure licensing in case product is hosted by the client

I will only name other product made by me for this company:

APIS Source(R) – A tool to extract comments from source code and build documentations

IFDEF Cutter – A tool to extract compilable version from the source excluding sensitive information.

MaxLang – A tool for extraction labes and strings from source code for translation and bringing them back in when translated.

BinPatch – A tool for comparing a binary files and building an actualization package.

RTFconverter – A tool for converting RTF documents into Delphi forms.

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