About Me

Personal Information

Ivan Vlaevski

28 November 1972

Place of Birth:



+359 878799313

Communication skills

  • Team spirit;
  • Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments gained through my work experience in German, French and American companies;
  • Good communication skills gained through my experience as an analyst, architect and developer.

Organizational skills

  • Good at meeting deadlines and managing people’s time, gained through my years of learning how to properly assign tasks, allocate resources and complete a project.
  • Leadership, gained by being responsible for teams with up to 12 developers

Business skills

  • Gained experience with Business process improvement, Requirements gathering, Iterative development, Project cost planning, Collaboration tools, Market research, Risk mitigation and management, Results-oriented solutions
  • Effective multi-tasker

Agile Skills

user observations, problem interviews, competitor analysis, business modelling, product road-mapping, user stories, scenarios, design sketches, product demos, user tests, metrics and analytic and release planning

Cloud Platforms

Azure, IBM Cloudant, AWS


C#, JavaScript, JAVA, VC++, XML, HTML, XSLT, PL\SQL, LINQ, CSS, (Pascal, Visual Basic, PHP, JQuery)


Windows 10 UWP, Angular JS, Windows Phone 7,8, Spring, Hibernate, jQuery, WinRT, .NET Framework (ASP.NET, WCF), Silverlight (Web & Phone), AJAX, COM/DCOM, Win API


Agile Scrum, OOA/OOD (UML), Multi-tier and Multi-threading architecture, Agile software development, PCI Compliance, DAO, RDO, RDS, HTML5, Kanban


Visual Studio (98, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015), NetBeans, Windows 10 SDK, Windows Mobile SDKs, Windows Phone 7 SDKs, Expression Blend 4, IIS 6 & 7, MS Team Foundation Server, CVS


Oracle 10/11/12, Microsoft SQL Server 2008\2012\2014\2016 Express, mySQL


Windows (98, XP, 7, 8, 10), Windows 2003\2008 Server, Windows Mobile 6.0 & 6.5, Windows Phone (7,8,8.1,10)


English, German

Work History

From 06/2020

Head of Software Engineering Department and Manager of Architecture

KPMG ITS OOD – Sofia, Bulgaria

  • TBD

From 04/2017

Platform Architect

KPMG ITS OOD – Sofia, Bulgaria

(first 6 months working through  BulPros employment)

  • Design and document a new ALM process for multinational teams developing micro-service applications as CI\CD;
  • Prototype Micro-service solutions for different domains;
  • Design, document, and implement Test Data Management for Test Automation;
  • Research and develop decision matrixes for choosing ESB, frameworks, tools, and libraries.
  • Creating PoC solutions
  • Documenting researches, decisions, solutions and spices on a daily basis into guidelines and company standards.
  • Introduced new technologies, tools and frameworks into the company
  • Training developers and QAs on workshops
  • Help with development and bug-fixing

11/2015 to 04/2017

Senior Developer & Team Lead

Strypes – Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Translated business goals, feature concepts and customer needs into prioritized product requirements and use cases.
  • Developed and evolved the consumer-facing, multi-channel roadmap for desktop, mobile and mobile web applications.
  • Collaborated with the sales, marketing and support teams to launch products on time and within budget.
  • Partnered with the marketing team to translate product features into customer value propositions to be used in consumer messaging.
  • Gathered detailed use cases and requirements through regular on-site visits, virtual meetings and customer advisory board sessions.
  • Led bi-weekly Scrum planning meetings to develop team strategies and define project goals.
  • Led communication with stakeholders regarding product goals and progress made.
  • Translated technical specifications into detailed product requirements.
  • Coached and mentored new staff members, including conducting performance reviews.
  • Tested and implemented new technology-based global projects such as
    • GSOP – network of car charging stations managed in Azure
    • EViCT – Visualizing knowledge graph of enterprise characteristics, materials, attributes and value parameters. Allow user to interact with it in order to search relations.
    • G2S – Text recognition solution with adaptable terminology dictionaries.

02/2015 to 11/2015

Product Owner

Object Systems International – Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Translated business goals, feature concepts and customer needs into prioritized product requirements and use cases.
  • Collaborate with the developer team Manage stakeholders
  • Established criteria for each milestone within the product roadmap as a means to measure developmental progress.
  • Develop the production road map
  • Describe the user experience and product features
  • Decide what to do next. Set the Sprint goal. Detail stories.
  • Collect and analyses data to validate the goal.
  • Update UX/feature description and business model
  • Track the project progress (time and budget)
  • Coordinate the product launch
  • Lead communication with stakeholders regarding product goals and progress made.
  • Translated technical specifications into detailed product requirements.

05/2014 to 02/2015

Unit Manager

Object Systems International – Sofia, Bulgaria

Duties: Manage work in several projects and be personally responsible for developers and work progress in those teams.

Product descriptions:

  • Insurance Claim Management System
  • Loan Management System
  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Android E-book Reader

Technologies: Company made a sharp turn to JAVA development. All web-based development is Spring with Hibernate.

08/2012 to 05/2014

Architectural Design and Developer

Object Systems International – Sofia, Bulgaria

Duties: Working alone on several projects as universal developer and designer.

Product descriptions:

  • Recruitment Management System – back office
  • Recruitment Management System – front end
  • Campaign Manager
  • Company Website
  • Call center service

Technologies: Inherited projects are developed with Delphi, Xml, XSLT and Java Script. All new projects are developed in different technologies, like Silverlight, LightSwitch, MVC with ASP.NET, WordPress and PHP.

09/2009 to 08/2012

Dedicated Developer and Subject Mater Expert

Object Systems International – Sofia, Bulgaria

Duties: Architectural design and development of specific modules for a key client. Like PCI Compliant Payment Gateway module, Appointment and Marketing Campaigns modules, and real-time synchronization module. Developing new functionalities and support for existing code. I work in a team with one Oracle expert.

Product descriptions:

  • Travel Club Software – customized for one client.

Technologies: Bigger part of development and support was made in Delphi.  The latest modules are developed in C# as Windows Services

02/2006 to 09/2009


Object Systems International – Sofia, Bulgaria

Duties: Developing new functionalities and support for existing code. I work in a team of 2 to 5 developers and one or two quality assurance experts. Each change was UAT by the client before delivery in production.

Product descriptions:

  • Travel Club Software – specifically designed to facilitate the diverse aspects of a travel club organization, no matter large or small. It is a web-based SAAS in CLOUD.

Technologies: The core is a multi-layer application; build 2003 with Oracle database, ISAPI extension for IIS 6 (Delphi) and client side with AJAX variation build in JavaScript using XML/XSLT.

08/2003 to 02/2006

Various positions

IGE+XAO – Sofia, Bulgaria

Duties: As a Team Leader I was responsible for teams from 3 to 6 developers and projects with high priority for the company.  Starting with developing of VBA Macros-es for “SEE Electrical” API, used for various projects in AIRBUS France, my teams have worked on different CAD related applications in 2D and 3D.

Technologies: VBA for “SEE Electrical” API Delphi for “SEE Electrical” components VC++ for Dassault Systemes – CATIA Node graph architecture for harness design in 2D and 3D.

09/2001 to 07/2003

Software Developer

APIS Hristovich Ltd., Sofia – Sofia, Bulgaria

Duties: As subcontractor, I have analyzed, engineered, designed and organized the development of program components and solutions.

Technologies: Delphi 1 for 16 bit windows 3.1 and Delphi 4 for 32 bit versions. In addition – all projects should work in both environments as fast as possible

05/2000 to 06/2001

Developer & Project Leader

Webtech Ltd. Bulgaria, Sofia

Duties: Developing WEB base applications using ASP, HTML, WAP, Etc.

Own company

Vlaevski LLC
Position: CEO
– over 100 web-sites in PHP, ASP.Net and Java Script.
– Online education portal
– – Style 21
– Business Management System Framework
– – Apolita
– – Best Wash
– Targeted Social Network
– – Acorn
– Windows Phone Apps and Games
– – Coin Grabber
– – Medical Band Alert
– – Weather Forecast with Star Wars quotes
– Online education portal
– – ORACLE, Silverlight, ASP.NET
– Business Management System Framework
– – HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Kendo UI
– Targeted Social Network
– – HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS
– Windows Phone Apps and Games
– – Windows Phone SDK and Microsoft Band SDK



University Name:

Transport technique and technologies

Engineer at transport technique and technologies

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Education period: 1993 – 1998

High school Name:
Exemplary technical school for power engineering

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Education period: 1988 – 1993

Online courses

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1

Dr. Adam Porter

Google’s Android OS runs 81% of smartphones worldwide and has shipped over one billion units this past year alone. Meanwhile, the search for talented Android developers continues, making it one of the most in-demand software development skills today.
If you want to learn Android app development, and have a background in Java, this course will get you started with:

  • Android Studio and the Android Development Environment
  • Screen configurations and sizes
  • Activity Class, Intents and Permission, Fragments
  • Designing user interfaces

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